We encourage anyone to ask questions, as it is the only way to come to understand something. Here are a few that might help you get to know what we do, also feel free to contact us with any questions of your own.

Why hire a videographer?

The DJ will play the last song, the cake will be eaten, the flowers will finally wilt away and the day you have been planning for weeks has passed in a blur, a cinematic film will keep those moments in your memories from fading. It will make you laugh, cry and feel the same emotions all over again. You will be hiring someone who won’t simply provide a film of the passing of your event but to let the DJ’s song, the taste of the cake, the smell of those flowers forever be your lasting memories.

What sets you apart from other wedding videographers?

We are a husband and wife team with a pre-existing foundation in communication providing us to efficiently move around with our cameras to creatively capture the emotions evoked by you and your loved ones without imposing. Together we gained the skills to highlight your unrehearsed, candid and meaningful moments to resonate within your memories and share your experiences with others. Your wedding might not be a Blockbuster Production but we proudly see it as film preserved and treasured by an intimate few and our aim is to get to know you, so we can emotionally tell your story as a tool to reminisce of your wedding day and watch every anniversary. Imagine being able to show your children and grandchildren what your wedding day was really like.

Can we choose the song for the video?

Music regulates our emotions and harmonizes people together, and to a greater extent than any other stimuli, music activates more parts of the brain and ingrains itself in our memories. That is precisely why our musical memories are the strongest and stay with us longer as we age. We have the ability to provide our clients’ event with their own rhythmic pulse, so it may stay alive in their memories. Or, provide their brand with a heartbeat that vibrates throughout the community. Also, due to copyright and legality issues not every song can be used, and as music is an integral part of the story-telling process, we require finding rhythmic and licensed or royalty-free music.
We always welcome your suggestions and take your personalities into consideration as we put our efforts into reviewing your shots to choose a song in order to enhance the emotions of your story.

Do you provide photographs or do you recommend we hire a photographer?

We can offer still shots from our footage and a few posed photos, however it is recommended internationally by videographers to separate photography as it is two different tasks achieving different outcomes. If you have chosen a professional photographer then we will work discreetly with them. They will take charge of organizing your shots and we will quietly film alongside them.  We are always polite and courteous.

Will you get in the way?

Not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera and we understand and empathize with our clients. In order for the film to succeed in evoking emotions, we remind our clients to live for the moment so it will be our task to become part of the crowd as observers to capture you and your guests’ genuine emotions and keep those memories alive forever.

Do you have a set structure for the day and how long does the average shoot last?

As Shared Perspective we work alongside your schedule as our goal is to capture what is necessary to help us edit your story effectively, we can discuss what you believe is the best time and location for us to capture your memorable moments.