Wedding Videography Options :

Our overall style is two camera operators filming unobtrusively in the background capturing your memorable moments to create your Cinematic Wedding Film. Your Wedding Package is priced calculating your FILMING TIME and adding your desired EDIT LENGTH along with the additional option of RAW FILES.


FILMING TIME  ·  $100.00 per hour for 2 Camera Operators
3 – 4 min (length of a song)
A      $ 1,150.00 with NO recorded audio
B      $ 2,550.00 WITH recorded audio
          ·   PACKAGE  2
6 – 8 min (length of 2 songs)
A      $ 2,750.00 with NO recorded audio
B       $ 3,950.00 WITH recorded audio
RAW FILES (All captured unedited footage clips with audio) $500.00

All song licensing fees are included in each package.